Lewis Road x Whittaker’s Chocolate Milk

Prepare for liquid dairy goodness like never before.

The connoisseurs at Lewis Road Creamery sure know how to please a crowd. Having made a name for themselves setting out to create nothing short of the world’s best dairy products, the cult brand has since catapulted to echelons of unprecedented popularity due to their collaboration with local chocolate experts Whittaker’s. 

In a meeting of minds that are dedicated to the quality of their product, the two producers have paired up to conceive a chocolate milk that will relegate all others to the realm of the dissatisfactory. The recipe combines none other than the renowned brand’s organic whole milk with what is arguably New Zealand’s favourite chocolate – Whittaker’s Creamy Milk. Needless to say, the result is nothing short of sensational – an experiential pleasure that is reminiscent of imbibing a liquid version of the distinctive home-made chocolate.

It is all we can do but praise the dairy deities for the arrival of this celestial beverage. And while we can assure it won’t disappoint your eagerly awaiting palate, the only problem we can foresee you encountering is how to get your hands on this hot-in-demand new product.

Lewis Road Creamery’s fresh chocolate milk is now available at selected Farro Fresh stores and will be at various supermarkets from October 8th. For more information, keep an eye on their Facebook page here.

Lewis Road Creamery

(0800) 800 553


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