Introducing the Coco Cold Brew

An addictive coconut based cold brew is making waves at Atomic Headquarters.

Drawing upon Vietnam’s iced coffee tendencies with their latest creation, local coffee authority Atomic have unveiled a deliciously appropriate beverage – the Coco cold brew – drawing in more than just your regular coffee addicts in search of something new. Appealing to those who normally steer clear of the quotidian morning pick-me-up many of us maintain far too close of a relationship with, as much as straight coffee drinking purists alike, this refreshing new take on ice coffee has us enamoured with the cooler, sweeter variation.

Employing their increasingly popular cold brew coffee – usually served with ice and soda water – and instead adding to it coconut milk and some dulcifying extras, the Coco cold brew is now a firm favourite amongst the legions of caffeinators undertaking their daily pilgrimage. Where ‘Vietnamese coffee meets coconut meets cold brew deliciousness’ is how the Atomic team puts it, and we care to agree. Available only at the Atomic Headquarters in Kingsland – a fact worth noting for those loyal punters hoping to find one of these delicious potations being proffered at Atomic’s espresso bar in the CBD – we suggest you hotfoot it to the ‘hood and get in line for a vivifying serve of coco-coffee goodness.

Atomic Coffee

420 New North Rd

(09) 846 5883

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