How to: Winterise your G&T

Whoever said winter wasn’t the season for G&Ts really ought to reassess their perspective. As the perennial frontrunner in our repertoire of classic cocktails, we caught wind of a winterised edition that employs the flavours of pear, nutmeg and East Imperial’s aromatic Yuzu tonic. Forged by the talented bar folk at Mea Culpa, this exotic G&T can adapt to different tastes depending on the choice of gin used. When mixed with the softly balanced oriental flavour profile of the distinctly zesty Yuzu tonic, paired with the seasonal dehydrated fruit, one has all the makings of a rather sensational gin tonic.

East Imperial Yuzu, Pear and Nutmeg G&T
150ml East Imperial Yuzu Tonic
50ml Karven Dry Gin or The West Winds Sabre Gin or Rogue Society 40%  
Dehydrated pear slices and nutmeg slivers to garnish

Fill a highball or copa glass with ice and add 50ml of your choice of gin, according to personal preference. Top with East Imperial Yuzu Tonic and garnish with a dehydrated pear slice and nutmeg sliver.

Bon Vivant

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