Chapel’s recent makeover has unveiled a rather rude masterpiece

From sausage dog races to ice sculpting competitions and the Australia Day-specific ‘100m budgie smuggler dash’, Chapel has long proven that it doesn’t do anything by halves. So when the team told us that they were undertaking a little facelift a few months ago, we really didn’t know what to expect. Safe to say — it wasn’t this.

Unveiling the results of the makeover on Thursday 22nd June, what we were met with was a truly spectacular roof mural, inspired by Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. A project that took two months and over 250 hours to complete, the creators (Crave agency in collaboration with artist Ross Lewis) may have drawn inspiration from the Apostolic Palace’s chapel, but we’re not sure that old Pope Francis would approve. Between the selfie stick-wielding cherubs, passed out angels, subtle girl-on-girl angel action and general raucousness, it’s as beautiful as it is crass. Classic Chapel material, it really is quite spectacular, well worthy of a visit.


Chapel Bar & BIstro

147 Ponsonby Road

(09) 360 4528

Bon Vivant

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