Meet the new kombucha you’re going to be seeing everywhere

While our predilection for kombucha isn’t new, we’re always open to any product that proves itself to be better than the rest. Batchwell is one such product.

Recently founded by a troupe of friends who spent ample time researching their endeavour in the ‘buch’-loving landscape of Los Angeles, the new kombucha company is offering some enticing flavours such as pineapple & ginger or beetroot that you can find on tap at establishments including Ostro, The Corner — where they’ve taken to mixing it into a delish Rogue Society cocktail — the soon-to-be-open Bird on a Wire in Orakei Bay Village, and new organic refillery, GoodFor.

What is more, we’ve heard they have an alcoholic variety in the pipeline but more about that later. For now, we suggest you get out there and sample this sensational health drink for yourself.

Bon Vivant

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