A guide to buying exclusive duty free

Get your hands on some enticingly exclusive potations from DFS Duty Free.

For many of us, the prospect of a Duty Free shopping spree sees us unfailingly purchase the products we’ve come to know and love – from that bottle of ten year-old Laphroaig you treat yourself to every time you go abroad, to the Moet & Chandon Imperial that serves as the perfect gift for a celebratory occasion awaiting you back home. There is however, more than meets the eye when our sage retail senses tell us to capitalise our overseas adventures – they also present an opportunity to expand our horizons.

With the following range of sought-after liquors available exclusively from at Auckland International Airport’s luxury product specialists DFS Duty Free – we’ve taken in upon ourselves to guide you through these refined varieties that make for the ultimate addition to the discerning imbiber’s collection.

1. Blue Duck Vodka
Decorated with many a gold medal, the fact that this celebrated, hand-crafted vodka is distilled seven times here on New Zealand shores alludes to its suave, velvety superiority. With a texture so smooth and incomparable taste, it’s no wonder the spirit was inspired by the white water rivers of our country’s remote mountainous regions – habitat of the rare and extremely endangered blue duck.

2. Bombay Amber London Dry Gin
London’s master distiller enhances its adored potation by finishing it in vintage French Vermouth barrels that create a gin like never before. A contemporary take on their widely-vaunted selection of botanicals, the in-demand ‘Amber’ substance is vapour infused with nutmeg, toasted black cardamom and well-rounded with orange zest – gin has never been this deliciously mellow.

3. Thomson Whisky Two Tone Release
With its title referring to the two kinds of casks used in the delicious tipple’s maturation process – one being of European Oak formerly holding New Zealand red wine, and the other of American white oak used exclusively for whisky. Aficionados of the beloved spirit will adore the nose of sea air and caramelised fruits followed by a palate subject to red berries apricot and spice. 

4. Roca Patrón Añejo
Touted as the world’s number one premium tequila, this highly sought after variety’s intricate taste – both sweet and earthy – is born from the giant, two-tonne volcanic stone that is used to slowly crush the cooked agave releasing its rich juices. Combined with residual flavours from the centuries-old rock and a 14 month aging process, Roca Patrón Añejo is perfect match for the discerning tequila enthusiast.

5. Jim Beam Single Barrel
Whiskey drinkers looking for a point of difference will find it with this insightfully chosen variety produced by the Kentucky-based brand. Hands down their finest liquid creation, Jim Beam Single Barrel is referred to as the ‘pride of the rackhouse’, whereby the amber gold is specifically selected from less than one percent of the overall barrels before being individually bottled, labelled and numbered.

All of the above spirits are available exclusively at DFS Duty Free at Auckland International Airport. Click here to see all that is on offer. 

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