The Tiffany & Co. Innovation Award Winner, Brittany Teei

Brittany Teei is the founder of KidsCoin, a ground-breaking software that teaches children financial literacy at home and in schools, particularly in disadvantaged communities. When her career as a professional tennis player ended, the 27-year-old decided she wanted to help kids learn about money and build self-confidence. To do so, she created the software programme that allows them to complete ‘real-life’ lessons in accordance with the school’s curriculum. After winning the DigMyIdea Maori Innovation Challenge in 2015, she was able to launch a pilot programme and KidsCoin took off.

As she continues to refine the programme and establish partnerships, her focus is on cultivating large clients in the public and private sectors and building relationships with iwi. She has already been approached by social enterprises around the world who are interested in implementing the software. Teei believes that teaching kids how to manage their money will empower them as well as help them to avoid poverty traps later in life.

To read more about this innovative Hero and her impressive foray into the digital realm, pick up a copy of the latest Denizen magazine, available now.


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La Petite Fourchette is serving up bona fide French pastries in Wynyard Quarter

Any Saint Heliers resident knows of the virtuous French fare on offer at La Fourchette. Owners Romain and Natalie Le Gal have made a name for themselves — not only by way of their presence in the Eastern Bays but also via their quaint Britomart address L’Assiette — for having that utterly authentic touch when it comes to our favourite Gallic delicacies, pastries et al. So we couldn’t be more pleased to hear the news that would be continuing to proliferate their delicious goods in yet another locale, Wynyard Quarter’s new La Petite Fourchette.

Having long wanted to open a dedicated patisserie/sandwicherie and kitchen, where food is made fresh throughout the day, the couple discovered a prime location in the long, narrow space that boasts plenty of frontage on Daldy Street. Natalie’s sister, Natasha Markham of MAUD Architecture and Urban Design, completed the modern fit out, adhering to a dark, charcoal colour palette so that the food is what stands out. The nature of the layout also means the process of ‘making’ is very much on display, helmed by Head Patissier Vatthana Boulom, a French national who has spent the last five years working for the some of the top patissiers in Paris.

Offering an enticingly authentic array of patisserie, viennoiserie, salads, sandwiches and quiches — the miso and mushroom is out of this world — it’s hard to put a foot wrong when ordering from the menu of classic French recipes, at times with the occasional exotic ingredient thrown in. With the knowledge that everything is made fresh daily from scratch by people who care deeply about quality and technique, La Petite Fourchette is setting a new standard for all things French and edible in the heart of downtown Auckland.

For more information, visit La Petite Fourchette’s Facebook page here

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday, 7am – 4pm
Saturday & Sunday, 9am – 4pm

La Petite Forchette

85 Daldy St
Wynyard Quarter

(09) 869 3360


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Bar Non Solo is the convivial new bar bringing the spirit of Italian nightlife to Britomart

The talents behind K Road favourite, Bestie, have just opened a sister cafe

After taking over a coveted cafe spot in K Road’s St Kevin’s Arcade, where they turned the much-loved Alleluya into the equally beloved Bestie, partners Emma Lyell and Tane Williams have expanded their delicious offering into Eden Terrace with their new venture, Baby.

Setting up shop in the space that was formerly Bluebell’s Cakery, the duo was attracted to the sheer amount of room this new location afforded them — a welcome reprieve from the perils of Bestie’s more restricted kitchen. Now, Lyell says, they are able to be more creative and importantly, increase their output. Lead by Head Baker Daisy Reed, much of Bestie’s cakes and slices will now be supplied from the new kitchen, which also means a possible future foray into catering.

Baby is a welcoming and cosy coffee drop-in, spotlighting expertly made Eighthirty coffee and delightfully indulgent cabinet food. Serving up what Lyell describes as “old school classics… with a twist” the menu comprises only three items (including a toastie, which you can’t go past), while the cabinet line-up, featuring crumble cakes made with seasonal fruit, a snickers slice and a number of vegan treats, is undoubtedly the main drawcard. Positioning itself as the perfect place to stop in for a takeaway coffee and slice, or a great local in which to perch-up for a quick morning treat on the way to work, Lyell and Williams’ culinary philosophy seems to centre around perfectly realised simplicity — and it’s serving them well.

Decorated in the somewhat unusual combination of bright blue and orange, the cafe is at once striking and warm. It’s a reflection of the element of nostalgia in the food, harking back to the funky days of yesteryear when maximalism was the key to a well-realised interior. But here, it works. With large front windows allowing the all-important natural light to filter in, and a feeling of laid-back cool permeating the space, Baby is being bold where many new hospitality openings err on the side of safety.

Opening only on weekdays while Lyell and Willams figure out how best to split their time between the two locations, it is clear that these two have found their niche.


67 France Street
Eden Terrace


Skip the stress this festive season with the city’s most enticing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dining events


Win: Have you been to Bar Magda yet? Now’s your chance as we’re giving away a delicious meal for six

Bar Non Solo is the convivial new bar bringing the spirit of Italian nightlife to Britomart

Just another incredible Sydney home we wish we could call our own

The perfect example of a bustling family home, this Porebski designed Tamarama retreat incorporates numerous themes and motifs that blend just as beautifully as the jumbled array of high cliffs, rolling sands and glistening waters that surround it, creating a final product that leaves a lasting impression.

A multitude of warming, autumnal colours come together harmoniously within one of the lounge rooms, where tangerine oranges offset against butter yellows and sleek, velvety caramels adorn the contemporary furniture. Quirky lighting fixtures and decorative vases glinting in rose gold add a refined modern touch to an otherwise cosy and comfortable nook of the home.

Serving up an entirely different visual to the first lounge, this relaxed room incorporates hues from the opposite end of the colour wheel — instead, blending multiple blues with a hint of stylish grey and a splash of forest green. Eye-catching adornments, like the polished jet table lamp and the glossed vase, contribute perfectly to the creative aesthetics that invigorate this interior.

The involvement of each family member in the decorating process is evident when it comes to the bathrooms. A portrayal of each person through the interior creates a smattering of personalities and moods that weave through the home, from the refined dark and moody visuals of one to the stark white and elegant turquoise tones of another.

While the kitchen is the heart of a family home, this isn’t the place for contrasting personalities and instead, a sleek modernism rules this roost. The smooth chocolate timber of the furnishings intertwines with the greys of the meandrous veined marble to create a luxurious setting, where the only hints of bustling family life are in the numerous benches awaiting a Sunday morning familial breakfast and the inviting display of ready-to-grab fruit.

While each room of the house offers sweeping views of the rolling landscape and shimmering seas, it’s only the sun-drenched deck that really does the panorama justice. A transparent glass fence and a set of comfortable stringed loungers combine to create the perfect haven to kick back, relax and gaze at the coastline’s inspiring natural beauty.

Get the look:
Coupé floor lamp by Joe Colombo for Oluce from ECC
Womb Chair by Eero Saarinen for Knoll from Studio Italia
Atollo table lamp by Vico Magistretti for Oluce from ECC
Harp chair by Rodolfo Dordoni for Roda from David Shaw


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Our hotly anticipated 2018 Denizen Heroes winter issue is here

It’s the issue that has come to mark many things — a celebration of Auckland and the people committed to making it a better place. A glamorous Black Tie Gala to toast to said folk in a deservingly fine fashion. The onset of winter and all the cold weather pursuits that go with it. Our 2018 Denizen Heroes tome is here, and it’s ready to heat things up.

The special homage to our four chosen Heroes begins with the unique covers; artist Joseph Qiu has forged each in paint, portraying them with the intrinsic nobility that is his hallmark. Following on from a special section dedicated to profiling them all — Mimi Gilmour, Nick Loosley, Deborah Smith and Brittany Teei — there is plenty of glamorous inspiration to be found in our shoot En Soirée. 

In keeping with the winter theme, almost our entire Navigator section is dedicated to snow-laden getaways, covering off ski fields both at home and abroad. In between, you’ll find titillating tidbits about what we’re eating, how we’re staying healthy, and where we’re going for entertainment during the cooler months. Putting the movers and shakers, givers and shapers in the spotlight, dare we say this just might be our best heroes issue yet.

Denizen’s 2018 Heroes issue has four different feature covers, one for each Hero. Pick a copy from a decent newsagent near you, or click here to subscribe. 


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Huckleberry’s New Lynn cafe is subject to a fresh reimagining

Since their first venture into the world of hospitality via the acquisition of their New Lynn store early last year, Huckleberry’s natural-seeking, organic-craving cult following has grown immeasurably. Finally, there was a place to reap the benefits of the namesake’s wonderful organic produce without having to lift a finger yourself (a spoon, maybe). This winter, with a revitalised interior and a fresh, soul-warming menu, the New Lynn eatery is on its way to becoming your reigning cold-season hotspot.

As the mercury drops, Huckleberry’s new menu — from the hearty vegetable soup to the apple-pie smoothie bowl — boasts every kind of gastronomic delight one seeks on a dreary winter’s day while still sticking steadfastly to its nutritious and delicious ethos. We’re already imagining ourselves curling up with a comforting bowl of the warm buddha — a culinary hug consisting of spiced chickpeas, greens, wild rice, pickles, kumara, a scattering of seeds and a dollop of cashew aioli.

Not only reinvigorating the menu, the interior has also been given a slick upgrade. Channelling all things au naturel, the organic motif is evident in the decor and the menu via your fork’s first food-filled prod. Foliage drips down the whitewashed walls and pots of planted greenery are peppered throughout the large, shared tables. Bright, overhead lighting creates an ideal location for business meetings and shared lunches alike.

Rounding off as the cherry on an already delectable cake, the cafe’s adjoining market store means you can stop off for a bite to eat and a grocery shop for all your necessary organic, raw produce at the same time. Two birds with one stone? That’s enough of an excuse for us.

Huckleberry New Lynn

34D Portage Rd
New Lynn

(09) 826 5454


Skip the stress this festive season with the city’s most enticing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dining events


Win: Have you been to Bar Magda yet? Now’s your chance as we’re giving away a delicious meal for six

Bar Non Solo is the convivial new bar bringing the spirit of Italian nightlife to Britomart

Here’s why the new David Hockney film marks a new era for art documentaries

Such is the pull of the world’s greatest creatives, that a special exhibition taking place in London is enough for us to buy a round-trip plane ticket. Take Tunisian born fashion legend Azzedine Alaïa for example. His new exhibition at the English capital’s Design Museum has been plastered across websites and Instagram accounts around the world like some sort of universal invitation for all and sundry to attend. There’s no denying that as our lives become increasingly littered with screens and technology, the time we dedicate to understanding the arts — all things tactile, existential and esoteric — grows too. But when the reality of heading to Europe for just one of many quality exhibitions is limited to one trip per year (if we’re lucky), a new style of art documentary in the form of Exhibition on Screen: David Hockney at the Royal Academy of Arts has stepped in to save us the airfare.

In cinemas today, the showcase is set to take viewers on a journey to devour some of the British legend’s colourful art in high definition from the comfort of a cinema. At 80 years old, Hockney has arguably never been more prolific nor uninhibited with his practice. Alongside his ever-expanding oeuvre, considered collaborations and the recent release of a Taschen coffee table book have found him a steadfast place in today’s popular culture. The art documentary covers off two of his blockbuster exhibitions at the revered London institution, one in 2012 and the other in 2016, by way of viewing almost every single artwork in situ.

So what benefit is there to going to see what is literally an ‘exhibition on screen’, you ask? Shot after hours, away from the hoards of people who are known to attend this calibre of art display, there is much more than simply viewing pleasure to be gained. When talking to the creator, award-winning documentary maker Phil Grabsky, one of the first things he explains is that “What we can offer is context, essentially. I’m trying to give you the reasons  [Hockney] did what he did, what he was trying to achieve.” Having created a series of art films including the incredible Van Gogh: A New Way of Seeing, Grabsky explains the emphasis he places on storytelling as well as having the ability to somewhat control the way the art is absorbed:

“I’m showing [the art] to you in perfect conditions, albeit not real. And actually, I’m giving you the opportunity to look.” Working slowly and surely with pans, tilts and sweeping frames, Grabsky goes on to say, “I’m almost forcing you to look. Unlike watching something at home, or on your phone or laptop, in the cinema, unless you’ve fallen asleep, you are looking at the screen which means that I am essentially deciding what you are going to look at. So I’ll hold the picture slightly longer, I’ll come back to that picture. And because we’re inquisitive, the next time you look at it, you’ll begin to see things you didn’t see the first time.”

But to get a personal account from the artist himself is to really understand what it’s all about. Having been granted exclusive access to Hockney, an artist who Grabsky describes as being very careful with his energy, the viewers are privy to an anecdotal account of how the work came to be. When art-speak so often goes over our heads, the English draftsman cum painter articulately explains his practice — alongside various critics — reminding us why he is considered one of the most influential British artists of the 20th century.

Exhibition on Screen: David Hockney at the Royal Academy of Arts is in cinemas on 24th May 2018. 


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Icebergs Dining Room and Bar is coming to Auckland for one night only

When we think of Sydney, images of that view across Bondi’s saltwater swimming pool and out to the ocean are often the first that come to mind. Perched overlooking the pool, with the perfect vantage point across the world-renowned beach, Icebergs Dining Room and Bar is, without a doubt, one of Sydney’s most iconic locations. Helmed by the equally distinguished Maurice Terzini who has seen it become one of the hardest restaurants to secure a booking at, Icebergs is leaving its breathtaking views behind to temporarily pop-up at Auckland restaurant, Gusto at The Grand.

Terzini and his team, including Head Chef Monty Koludrovic, will be hosted by Sean Connolly and considering their expertise in Italian cuisine, the dinner is set to be a four-course celebration of the nuanced flavours and indulgent dishes that comprise beautifully realised and authentic Italian food. Guests can expect signature Icebergs cocktails on arrival,  perfectly paired Man O’ War wines and sweets tunes throughout the night from to DJ Murray Sweetpants.

The ticketed event will take place for one night only on Thursday the 28th of June. Tickets are $260 per person, call (09) 363 7030 to secure your spot — we suggest booking early.


Skip the stress this festive season with the city’s most enticing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dining events


Win: Have you been to Bar Magda yet? Now’s your chance as we’re giving away a delicious meal for six

Bar Non Solo is the convivial new bar bringing the spirit of Italian nightlife to Britomart

Acclaimed fine dining institution The French Café announces its esteemed new owners

After two decades helming pre-eminent Auckland fine dining institution The French Café, it has been revealed this morning that long-time owners, husband and wife team Creghan Molloy-Wright and Simon Wright, will be handing over the reigns to acclaimed Auckland dining force of Sid and Chand Sahrawat.

Officially taking over in September, when The French Café as we know it will become Sid at The French Cafe, the acquisition has fateful symmetry with Sid admitting “Chand and I had our very first formal date [there]”. It is an occasion that seemingly inspired the award-winning style of dining on offer at Sahrawat’s existing restaurants, Sidart and Cassia.

Admitting that to take over at a restaurant with such unparalleled standing comes with great responsibility, it is a step (read: challenge) that the Sahrawats have been looking for. And both parties couldn’t be happier. As the Wrights have opted for a lifestyle change, heading out of Auckland in the pursuit of spending more time with the family, the incoming team will use the space to stay true to a French Café style menu employing the chef’s signature finesse.

As we take our hats off to the team that has, for 20 years, been committed to upholding an extraordinary standard in local gastronomy, we will also be dutifully anticipating the Sahrawats’ new landmark eatery. For this marks a formidable new turn in the course of Auckland’s dining trajectory.


Skip the stress this festive season with the city’s most enticing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dining events


Win: Have you been to Bar Magda yet? Now’s your chance as we’re giving away a delicious meal for six

Bar Non Solo is the convivial new bar bringing the spirit of Italian nightlife to Britomart

Make lunchtimes great again with a visit to this finger-licking pop-up

Juicy, succulent, and crispy fried in a medley of finger-licking herbs and spices, our love for the humble fried chicken knows no bounds. Luckily for us, a chicken extravaganza is descending upon Mercury Plaza in the form of Electric Chicken — a fresh pop-up serving up a remarkable burger that’s set to be devoured by the masses.

Conceived by Matt Fitzgerald  — co-owner of Madame George — this fleeting hotspot will be sticking to a short but sweet ethos, serving up a menu consisting of just two dishes. Championing quality over quantity, the offering comprises portions of fries with gravy and servings of the namesake burger — free-range chicken, fried in a delicious secret recipe, crunchy iceberg lettuce, gherkins and a swipe of Fitzgerald’s signature ‘Electric sauce’, all sandwiched between an Il Forno baked bun.

Open only for a few hours at a time, and with a cult following already amassing, we suggest you head down to good ol’ K Road, order up a storm and devour it on the spot — because once they’re gone, they’re gone. On your marks…

Opening hours: 
Wednesday – Sunday 12pm-2.30pm

Electric Chicken

Mercury Plaza
23-31 Mercury Lane
Karangahape Rd District


Skip the stress this festive season with the city’s most enticing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dining events


Win: Have you been to Bar Magda yet? Now’s your chance as we’re giving away a delicious meal for six

Bar Non Solo is the convivial new bar bringing the spirit of Italian nightlife to Britomart