A cracking snack

These crunchy snacks will have even the most diet-conscious amongst us hooked.

A recent series of fortunate events has had us happen upon some highly addictive snacks from a local lover of pork. Hand cut then baked until perfectly crisp, Libby’s Pork Crack fills the void for savoury nibbling that complements diets of both the paleo and primal persuasion. Made from New Zealand free range pork rind, these mouth-watering morsels deliver a healthy dose of protein and fat on the go.

It’s fair to say in this instance, that once you start, you won’t stop, unless of course one crunch too many means you end up sacrificing a back molar. With the decidedly moreish delicacies available in three equally delectable flavours, including Moroccan Spiced, Hot & Spicy and Au Naturel, delivered directly to your doorstep, those after a carb-free yet utterly satisfying bite will no doubt be gratified by these delicious swine offerings.

Libby's Free Range Pork Crack



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Lonely Hearts’ Ponsonby Flagship

We're counting down the days until Lonely Hearts puts down roots in Ponsonby.

Since unleashing their signature garments in 2003, the creators of eclectic, vintage-inspired apparel, Lonely Hearts, have been worn by A-listers and borne by the fashionable likes of David Jones and Opening Ceremony. But just in case total world domination wasn’t apparent, the beloved brand is set to claim its rightful place amongst Ponsonby’s fashion cognoscenti on Mackelvie Street this Friday – just in time for Christmas.

Melding artistry, design and high-fashion seems to come naturally to Lonely’s proprietors ex-professional snowboarder Steve and visionary modiste Helene. Evident in every punk-influenced heirloom-inspired piece they’ve released (from lingerie to loungewear, swimwear to street), the brand’s unconventional approach – each collection revolves around a quirky narrative (the last being ‘Don’t Feed the Plants’), breathes life into the clever, well-made designs that effortlessly emit a utilitarian sportswear directive without sacrificing show-stopping feminine direction.

Brought to life by multi-disciplinary designer Rufus Knight, the new Lonely space will be the inviting physical embodiment of the brand’s thought-provoking aesthetic, complete with sparkling water on tap and spacious fitting rooms. And while boasting the largest assembly of Lonely lingerie and the coveted Lounge line in the country, the new flagship store – opening its doors on the 7th of November 2014 – will also unveil itself as New Zealand’s sole stockist for Anna Sheffield’s line of uniquely timeless alternatives to traditional engagement rings.

Image credit: Simon Wilson


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Brooklyn Dogs

We've found a moveable feast serving some truly authentic New York hot dogs.

One might be forgiven for assuming that one classic American hot dog is as good as the next – a barbecued banger, sandwiched into a squishy white bun, garnished with pickles and jalapeños and suitably sauced to perfection; there’s little room to go wrong you might say. Those belonging to this school of thought, however, clearly haven’t experienced the standout bangers from the Auckland-based moveable hot dog cart, Brooklyn Dogs.

The brainchild of three friends with a passion for the quintessentially American street food, the distinctive cart is an exact replica of that you’d find on the footpaths of New York City. Boasting a superior interpretation of the universally appreciated roadside snack, the wholesome ingredients you’ll find here are second to none. Choose from a selection of three sausage flavours: The Brooklyn Classic, The Ground Hog and The New Porker with each harnessing flavours of free-range pork shoulder combined with beef, fennel and various spices respectively. Here, you’ll also find no fillers, preservatives or nasty nitrates and needless to say, the casing is 100 percent natural. Packaged up in a scrumptious bun sourced from the ever-popular Bread & Butter, there’s even a guide as to how your dog ought to be ‘sauced’, so as not to miss out on any harmonious flavour combinations.

So if you’ve been known to crave a dirty dog in your time, Brooklyn Dogs have a wholesome answer to your stomach’s deepest desires. The only concern is pinning these hot dog purveyors down. Making regular appearances at various markets around the city including the Parnell Farmers’ Market, the monthly Coatesville Market and the upcoming Silo Park Markets, at this rate they’re likely to be cropping up at various festivals throughout the summer too.

In order to keeps tabs on this fleeting delicacy, we suggest you visit their Facebook page here.  

Brooklyn Dogs

021 056 7181



Skip the stress this festive season with the city’s most enticing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dining events


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Lighter Libations

Satisfy your palate and your conscience with these low calorie cocktails.

The Christmas season nigh upon us brims with celebrations and indulgence, so ensuring you needn’t miss out on enjoying this festive period to the full, we’ve rounded up a selection of health-conscious, lower calorie cocktails that far from compromise on taste.

Piña Colada from Tyler Street Garage
Tyler Street’s novel take on the classic Piña Colada involves freshly pressed pineapple juice for a vitamin C kick, combined with coconut water and the all-essential rum. The electrolytes alone will kill any potential hangover, all for a mere 115 calories.

Green Garden from Bedford Soda & Liquor 
Bedford’s Green Garden doesn’t fail to deliver a calorie light option using a gin base mixed with an aromatic combination of mint, basil, lemon, fejoa (the only sugar source), cucumber and a garnish of lavender.

Illegal Plantation from 46 & YORK
Using agave nectar in lieu of sugar and the goodness of fresh mango, this Parnell favourite’s Illegal Plantation combines it all with original dark rum and the cleansing qualities of Mexican mezcal.

Nagasaki Sour from Fukuko 
The Nagasaki Sour appeals to the protein obsessed using egg white combined with fig infused bourbon, a touch of rye whisky and fresh pressed citrus. The result is a deliciously tangy, low-sugar libation.

Tuaca Sour from SPQR
In a similar fashion, SPQR’s Tuaca Sour uses the low-calorie suaveness of egg white to emulsify the vanilla and citrus liqueur with lemon juice for a tart but supremely tasty cocktail that won’t blow the calorie count.

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