1 February 2012


manuka doctor

Detoxify and refresh stale skin with this new range of skin-sprucing products.

Much has recently been made of the antibacterial healing properties of Manuka honey. In an effort to transform our somewhat tired and stale skin post party season, we decided to ditch the detox in favour of sweetening up our skincare, and put it to the test.

The entire Denizen team set about road testing a new range of Manuka based skincare. As many products have come and gone from my routine over the past six months it is arguably hard to tell what is actually making a difference. That is, until a product comes along that singlehandedly makes your skin look markedly better. Then you know you’re onto a keeper.

Step in Manuka Doctor. Sourced from New Zealand grown and harvested Manuka honey, Manuka Doctor uses purified bee venom, allowing all the active components of the honey to become concentrated and thus resulting in a more potent and effective formulation. While the market appears to be packed full of honey and bee venom products at the moment, this is the only product in New Zealand (and one of only seven brands worldwide) that uses the purified venom.

The intensive antioxidant qualities support and assist the renewal of damaged skin cells as well as support anti-ageing by promoting cell regeneration. The best part? Over time, the product has a cumulative effect, so your skin only gets better with continual use, rather than plateauing like some skincare treatments can do. As someone who has quite sensitive skin, I can attest that Manuka Doctor has swiftly got my skin well on its way back to good health.  After just a few days, my skin was visibly glowing with not a blemish in sight. And when skin’s feeling less-than sprightly, our savior has become a good twice-weekly application of the Rejuvenating Face Mask – instantly brightening late-night skin and leaving it baby soft. We suspect we’re going to be reaching for the next bottle in no time…as this one is nearly out.

Manuka Doctor has just received the prestigious CEW Award (Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) UK Beauty Awards 2012) for Best New Product.

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