An experience of utter requiescence from So Spa at Sofitel Auckland

To aid you through the winter months and ensure you give yourself a bit of love, the Parisian skin-saving masters, Sothys, renowned and trusted for signature treatments that revert back to the very essence of beauty, have unveiled an exceptional modern remedy — the Sensation Orientales, from So Spa at the Sofitel Auckland.

Inspired by oriental ancestral rights, your session will commence with a syrup of white Saponaria and bromelain — two key ingredients known for their cleansing, emulsifying and enzymatic abilities — to prepare the body for exfoliation like you’ve never experienced. Taking cues from the Moroccan terracotta pumice stone also known as a ‘mhekka’, a claystone — handled with utmost confidence and finesse by specially-trained beauticians — will see you rid of any dullness or calluses with every deliberate pressured strokes, boosting microcirculation along the way. Finally, with the aid of modelling massage techniques and nourishing date and amber oil, both skin and body are left completely stress-free, hydrated and suitably nourished.

To ensure the benefits continue long after you’ve stepped out of the treatment room, you can choose to take your claystone with you for in-home use and team it with four at-home products. To end the experience, you will be invited to unwind in the heated pool, jacuzzi, sauna & steam rooms.

This competition has now closed. 

So Spa

Sofitel Auckland
21 Viaduct Harbour Avenue

(09) 354 7440


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