19 March 2012

the super smoothie

Prepare yourself for the day ahead with this powerhouse morning smoothie.

We were recently introduced to this super-charged green smoothie by a member of the Denizen team who began arriving at work each day toting a mysterious green concoction. Curious as to what was contained within the mixture, she revealed it was a new health kick she had set about committing herself to as part of her New Year’s resolution. Quick to jump on the back of any energy-boosting promise, we too, quickly became converts of this super-charged smoothie. We can almost guarantee that the long term health benefits of the ingredients contained within (detoxifying, energy-boosting, skin improving and life-extending just to name a few) will far outweigh the forewarned organic store bill.

We highly suggest committing to starting the day with one of these, and promise you will start to feel the benefits almost instantly.

The smoothie recipe is as follows:

250ml organic apple juice
250ml filtered water
3 big leaves of organic curly kale
1 frozen banana
half a dozen frozen blueberries
1 capful of FeMax Iron Tonic (available from Harvest Wholefoods)
1 heaped teaspoon of Matakana Superfoods Super Green powder (this contains spirulina, chlorella, broccoli and spinach powder)

– Whizz the ingredients together in a blender for about one minute, pulsing if the kale is refusing to puree.
– Mango slices, golden kiwifruit or pineapple chunks can also be added to taste if on hand but always try to keep them organic. Similarly soaked Chia seeds are good additions.

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