28 February 2012


the height of hair

In our eternal quest to defy hair gravity, we find a new duo that helps master the trick.

The quest for volume is a tough one. One wants their hair to shine with health and moisture, but at the same time feel weightless, with just the right amount of body – it is our constant, everyday accessory after all. Considering the balancing act that must take place, Morocconoil’s Extra Volume shampoo and conditioner has just exceeded my rather high expectations in the hair department. Already a convert of the cult product Moroccanoil, (and one with rather fine hair at that) I needed little convincing to offer myself up as a test bunny.

Lighter and more citrusy smelling than the Moisture Repair shampoo, it leaves my hair feeling clean, but not excessively squeaky, thanks to the conditioner containing just enough of the wonder ingredient, Argan oil, to sort things out in the shine and moisture department.  The product, which maintains that it gives body back to hair, seems to do just that without losing moisture – essential for those of us with fine or long hair that needs some love during the dry winter months. Both the shampoo and conditioner contain an extract from the Linden plant, which works to plump up the hair cuticle, aiding the creation of longed-for volume while nourishing your locks. I can also safely attest to none of the drying and colour fading that can often come with other volume shampoo products. Perhaps this is testament to the fact that the product is also free of sulphates, phosphates and those nasty parabens.

If your locks are in need of a little extra moisture and volume then this pair most certainly delivers the goods.

Available from Moroccanoil salons.



Moroccan Oil
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