3 October 2010


scrubbed to perfection

Story by Anna Kidman

If dull skin is the bane of your existence, we’ve tested a few products that are sure to bring your youthful glow back.

Feeling the equivalent of dumb and dumber (but in this case dull and duller) we literally scrubbed in and tested out some of the leading exfoliants in the market. With big backers (Chanel, Dermalogica and La Mer) it wasn’t surprising that they all tested positive for excellence, but will they give us the youthful and dewy skin we’re after for summer?

1. Dermalogica’s Microfoliant is a daily facial scrub. Do we hear a succession of ouches? Like you, my experience with daily scrubs to date is not a positive one. Often they leave you feeling scrubbed bare – and there is something to be said for being gentle with one’s skin. This scrub, on the other hand, made from the tiniest of particles with ingredients including bearberry & grapefruit to balance skin pigmentation comes out literally like powder in your hands. With a little water you gently lather it and massage it into your cleansed skin for one minute. The result? It leaves your skin feeling soft, moisturised and surprisingly clean. Unsure if it’s capable of serious exfoliating work, but it certainly does the trick on a daily basis.

Cost: $127

2. Chanel’s Precision Gommage Microperle Exfoliant is a silky gel-based exfoliant that leaves you looking radiant. If glowy skin is your objective, this is an exfoliant that has enough grit to smooth the skin’s surface whilst still leaving your skin feeling comfortable. Made from pearl powders and jojoba microbeads it removes dead skin cells, dirt and impurities. Whilst not quite as gentle as the Microfoliant by Dermalogica, this one feels like it has the guts to slug away even the toughest of dull skin. We suggest you top it immediately with a creamy moisturiser.

Cost: $84

3. La Mer’s The Body Refiner Scrub initially sounded quite hard core. Made from polished sea quartz that acts as the natural exfoliant plus half a carats worth of pure diamond dust – its definitely got ingredients that make a woman take notice. Never a fan of the famed facial moisturiser by La Mer (which to me just felt way too heavy on the skin) I was interested to give this body exfoliant a whirl. I was pleasantly surprised. The scrub itself feels plush and creamy, again I’m unsure if it’s scrubby enough to really slog away serious dirt, but it definitely feels luxurious on the skin which accounts for a lot. Skin feels soft after using it – the price is slightly prohibitive and with exfoliation a weekly task, one may need to look into quality but cost efficient alternatives.

Cost: $350

Dermalogica available from Dermalogica outlets and key salons nationwide, Chanel & La Mer available from leading department stores nationwide.


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