Saving face with Ursa Major

This all-natural overachiever is certain to provide plenty of grunt for your morning skin care regime.

On display day in and day out, it makes sense that our face requires constant maintenance. Unless you’re blessed with superhero genes, or you’re still smugly slouching about with youthful nonchalance, you’re going to have to do more than lazily splash on some cold water, in order to ward off the telltale signs of aging. Anything short of easy won’t cut it in the long term scheme however, and that’s exactly why brands like Vermont-based Ursa Major are attracting attention. Their products do what they claim they do, calling upon nature’s bounty to deliver the results.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the products are softer than your usual grooming salves either. Their fortifying face balm boasts an ingredients list that could also do double duty in a health nut’s salad, with sunflower, aloe, olive, carrot, spearmint and rosemary, and doesn’t contain the usual impossible-to-pronounce harmful chemical add-ons. Slather it on after your morning shower and trust us, you’ll feel as if you’ve just arrived back from a brisk walk through the forest, when you’ve really just bullied your body into waking up after not enough shuteye. Their four-in-one face tonic is another ball buster. Piqued as the lazy man’s face wash, it’s formulated to serve as a cleanser, exfoliator, post-shine healer and skin toner, calling upon the medicinal powers of witch hazel and willow bark.

For guys who like to keep things natural but can’t see the point of purchasing the usual airy-fairy ‘natural’ products, Ursa Major is what you should be reaching for instead. We can’t help but like the packaging too; these bottles don’t require stealth storage in the bathroom like those garish supermarket finds.

To purchase Ursa Major, go here.


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