20 December 2011


lululemon athletica wellness sanctuary

We find a timely dose of wellness inspiration housed in Ponsonby’s latest retail opening.

After weeks of holiday over indulgences, beach side dozing, and New Year’s cheer, we all find ourselves energised and ready for a little get up and go, otherwise known as New Year’s resolutions. Here at the Denizen, as we round off the end of a great (albeit long) year we felt it high time to put on our resolution hats on a little early – due in part to the timely opening of a new retail space that has sparked some wellness inspiration.

Housed in the old Nest space on Ponsonby Road, the brand new lululemon sanctuary offers up an expansive retail space that acts as a community hub. Now we suspect most of you, like we did, know the lululemon brand for their range of hip yoga and athletic apparel, however we soon learned that they have much more to offer.

Alongside their extensive retail offerings, the lululemon brand offers up a way of life, founded on a philosophy that encompasses a vision of elevating onself from mediocrity to greatness. Encouraging people to lead lives that they love, their mission as a company is to facilitate a culture that creates components that supports people to do so.

Within the huge space, lululemon offers complimentary in-store yoga and fitness classes as part of their community programme – designed to encourage a mutual relationship between local athletes, instructors and role models in the community who embody the lululemon lifestyle and culture and the lululemon guest. Racks roll away and are replaced with yoga mats, all available for anyone within the community to join and experience a session. The space also serves as a base for community events, goal setting sessions and where local teachers and instructors can come and share their knowledge and passion with guests. There is an area at the front of the store decked out with couches and beanbags, where guests can hang out, fill up their water bottles and indulge in the many upcoming happenings care of the lululemon community board.

There is no doubt there is an infectious vibe happening within the lululemon culture. On the occasion we visited the place was buzzing with people shopping, and bubbly staff embracing a rather refreshing outlook on life. We left thinking there was no better way to get the blood pumping for the New Year than an inspiring dose of overall wellness alongside some brand-new fitness gears. After all, isn’t the number one resolution year after year to exercise more? We suggest you take a look inside this dynamic new addition to the Ponsonby Road strip, if not for some fancy new gym gear, then to stop by to trial one of their complimentary yoga classes. We certainly left inspired to indulge our inner yogi. Our first stop? This Thursday evening’s ‘Vino Vinyasa’ session, a free yoga class with complimentary wine tasting. Sounds like our kind of gig.

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