8 February 2011



Story by Jade Hurst

Unveil the youthful you with this new specialised skin treatment.

Summer is the perfect time to take a closer look at our skin care. Whether we’ve meant to or not, we’re all guilty of spending long afternoons in the sun. It’s no surprise then that our skin can become tired and clogged up with sunscreen, make up and moisturiser. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re doing enough with regular cleansing and exfoliation. To get real results we need to get deep – real deep.

In my quest for deep cleansing, I’ve unearthed a new advanced treatment that’s only currently available at a specialised clinic. Refine Skin in Auckland offers a treatment known as Micro-hydra-brasion. Unlike Microdermabrasion, there’s no down-time which means there is no nasty red flaky face aftermath.

The treatment itself does not and is free of any chemicals, using only purified water and the exfoliating power of industrial strength diamonds. Yes – diamonds!

Honestly, it’s like a rug-doctor for your face!  You will walk away with skin smoother than a smooth thing.

Micro-hydra-brasion 1 treatment $120
Micro-hydra-brasion course of 6 treatments $500

Refine Skin

40 St Benedicts Street

(09) 523 1970


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