17 May 2011

get boxing fit

Get yourself in the best shape of your life.

Over the past two years boxing has strangely become my thing. Not one for rah-rah gym classes amongst glamorous make-up wearing ladies, I’m more of a results person, and boxing as I have discovered definitely produces results.

So it has been then, for the past two years twice a week I rustle up some inner angst and head along to Ringside boxing gym to show my sloppy body who’s boss. Any initial trepidation of having your ass kicked by some angry wide-boy boxing trainer dissolves upon meeting Turi Ward-Holmes. Turi has the ability to turn the unconditioned boxer into a fighting machine in a matter of weeks.

Located in the car park adjacent to Les Mills in Victoria Street, Auckland, Ringside is a bit more sophisticated than your average fightclub garage set up. Run by experienced boxers who’ve all done their time in the ring, using a wide range of varied equipment designed to further enhance your training experience.

An hour long session for me usually involves a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise that enhances my fitness level, improves my balance and mental agility and helps me to cleanse my mind of pent up aggression.

Boxing twice a week has completely changed my life, and as much as I can be known to express profanities whilst at Ringside, I always leave feeling amazing.

Ringside offers several forms of training, from one-on-one sessions with trained boxers (as I do) through to intense hour long classes involving the hugely effective kettle bell, amongst other equipment designed to torture – I mean tone.  All you need are some wraps and boxing gloves – accessories everyone should own anyway – and you’re away.

$22 for a casual visit (class visit)
$155 for a ten class concession (class visit)

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