21 September 2010


lush lashes

Story by Claire Sullivan

For a wide-eyed look, we tested out lash extensions and found the results addictive.

We’re not all blessed with doe eyes and sweeping lashes – and even if we are, they’re never as good as they could be. Thanks to lash bars around the city, even those of us with straight, short or unruly lashes can have the Twiggy-look that lasts up to four weeks. We tested out two places at either end of the price scale.

Cerise Lash Bar in Grey Lynn is set off the road in the bottom story of a townhouse on Richmond Road. It was the first of its kind to open up in Auckland, and between the two stylists (Elisia & Helen) they have applied over 1,000 sets of lashes since opening. They offer a relaxing service in a spa-like environment and their lash extensions come in three categories: natural, lush and dramatic. The process itself involves bonding additional individual lashes to your own lashes, for a dramatic look (which I went for) they singularly bond 80 additional lashes to each lid. It took over an hour, and the process went relatively smoothly, despite how strange it feels to have someone touching your lashes for such an extended period of time. The cost itself is a little prohibitive; for $250 if it hadn’t been for a very special occasion I don’t think I would have fronted the cost, however, if you’re a dedicated to it, the infills (which you go back for every two- three weeks to maintain thickness) cost in the realm of $20 per fifteen minutes. The result was excellent – they definitely opened up my eyes and looked incredible. They lasted about three weeks, but began falling out after one. Although in Cerise’s defense, I wasn’t particularly successful at following the no-water and no-mascara instruction – I guess some habits are hard to break.

– Anna Kidman.

Cost: $150 (natural) – $280 (dramatic).

I consider myself relatively blessed in the eyelash department. They’re long and as soon as they’re armed with mascara they often attract comments. One would think I’d be the last person to need eyelash extensions. However, after admiring the ever-increasing lashes of my girlfriends, I was convinced to give them a try. I was given the insider’s word from a girlfriend on a cheap but effective option on K-road, a place, that due to its local does a regular trade with the local drag queens and strippers. Perfect!

Posh Nails as you’ll be able to ascertain from the name is anything but. If you’re looking for a moment of zen this (unsurprisingly) is not it. Close to the street front, it’s noisy with the usual K-road fanfare, and the one woman operator, is often snowed under with other inquiries during your extensions. However, she’s good. Really good. For prices ranging from $45-$65 you’ll walk out with incredibly long, thick, enviable lashes. They’re seriously addictive, and for the price, definitely worth it.

Cost: $45-$65

– Claire Sullivan

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