30 November 2010


egyptian magic

Story by Claire Sullivan

A healing balm that’s being revered back stage at the international fashion shows catches our attention.

Egyptian Magic, a balm used by everyone from recovering surgery patients to pop divas (Madonna apparently won’t leave home without it) is one of those miracle creams that actually works. While it has been around for more than 25 years, thanks to the legions of big name makeup artists using it for backstage emergencies at the recent international fashion shows, it’s garnering a new era of cult-like status everywhere.

An all natural skincare cream, Egyptian Magic promises to have legendary healing powers due to its unique blend of all natural ingredients extracted from living plants and organisms. It heals cuts and burns, eliminates bruises, reduces scars and wrinkles, heals and dries pimples, hydrates the skin, heals and moisturizes chapped lips, relieves sunburns, can be used as massage lotion, shaving foam, hair smoothing shinning cream, hair moisturiser mask, hot oil treatment, hair conditioner along with at least 25 other uses.

Egyptian Magic is available here.

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