26 April 2011



Story by Jade Hurst

Denizen Jade Hurst goes on a mission to discover a better way to cure her ailing back

I’ve had an ongoing slightly niggly issue with my back (insert your sympathy here). This sort of thing shouldn’t be happening to me, I’m fit and young. I want to run not walk. I want to dance not sit back and watch everyone else having all the fun. Fed up, I went in search of caring hands to put me on the path to an injury free body. After trying a slew of remedies, including X-rays, a chiropractor, a personal trainer and a massage therapist, I found myself still broken and at the doorstep of Bodyneed.

Bodyneed are a physio/sports massage/clinical pilates outfit in Ponsonby.

I started out receiving physio and acupuncture with Stacey, and upon arrival of their new, specialised pilates equipment, I was transitioned to the Allegro Pilates Reformer.

After an assessment of my situation, involving a few back bends and a question/answer session, I’m straight into it.  If I’ve been having some niggles with my back, the session will start with a deep tissue massage to loosen me up before we move onto the reformer machine.

The reformer takes a little getting used to, and can take a certain level of balance for the more complicated moves where you’re kneeling as apposed to lying flat on your back. But in no time you’ll  work your way up to the more advanced moves. Stacey often makes me flap my arms like a bird, and I’ve been known to ‘hug a tree’ from time to time. You’ll see. It’s definitely a whole new range of movement.

To get the most out of it, an hour session is recommended, but if you’re doing this in a lunch break, a short sharp 45 minute burst will give you an adequate work out. Just like any strength training, if you haven’t used your muscles for a while, or are tapping into new ones you didn’t know were there, you’re going to hurt. Just a little, but it doesn’t last long. Just walk it off the following day.

I wasn’t in any position to launch into a large Pilates class full of yogis and yummy-mummy’s…I needed (and still do) the specialist attention of one-on-one training. Bodyneed was able to facilitate this. Soon I’ll be set free with a head full of good habits and a body full of strength. No more putting my back out during my personal training sessions. I am a pillar of strength, a centered and stable person, most of the time…

Body Need 27 Crummer rd Ponsonby Auckland (09) 360 8821


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