26 July 2011


bee venom botox

We test out a new facial mask fit for a queen.

Like most women past the age of about twelve, I am forever chasing (and investing) in the promise of eternally youthful skin. When we caught word of what could be described as a purist’s answer to Botox, I was eager to jump on the bandwagon to give it a try.

Recently made famous by Kate Middleton, who used it to ensure her skin was glowing on her wedding day, this revolutionary beauty craze of natural bee venom has recently become available at Auckland’s East Day Spa in the form of both a luxury facial and a take home mask.

Made by Nelson Honey, the Royal Nectar product is a mask containing a blend of bee venom and Manuka honey. The formulation essentially ‘stings’ the skin, increasing blood flow to the face and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, whilst reducing visible wrinkles in the process. When first applied to your skin, there is a slight tingling sensation which subsides after a few minutes. For skeptical types (like me) this was a sure sign that it must be working some sort of magic. The mask was left on for twenty minutes and upon removal, my skin felt immediately firmer. Yes, magic indeed!

Keeping skin radiant over the chilly winter months is no easy feat however. So far I can attest that this magic venom is certainly delivering on its aforesaid promises. My skin one-week post facial (coupled with a twice-weekly at home mask application) is notably smoother and brighter. Both my colleagues and friends have commented in the past week that my skin looks glowing – a compliment that never goes amiss in my books.

While the idea of using bee venom as an anti-aging regime may sound a little extreme, at the very least, it’s completely natural. Might I suggest in your quest for youthful skin that you reach for Royal Nectar before you do so a needle – there is no doubt this little pot of royal jelly does wonders for the complexion.

Royal Nectar is available from East Day Spa. $79

Royal Bee Venom Facial 30mins $80, 60mins $120.00

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