5 September 2011


the wagyu way

Story by Tim Eriksen

Our provisionary connoisseur educates us on the finest of fillets.

Here’s a tip people: fathers or any man for that matter, do not want socks or a day pass to Motat as a father’s day present, birthday present, Christmas present, Bar Mitzvah gift, ‘coming out of the closet’ present and well, the list could go on. They want something that they can cherish, something they can go into a cool dark room on their own and appreciate. That’s right they want to put on some nice soft music (James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful is a favourite of mine), light a candle, pour a delicious glass of their best Pinot and tuck into the Rolls Royce of meat: Wagyu grain-fed scotch fillet or sirloin.

Wagyu beef (literally meaning ‘Japan Beef’) is a delicacy that reflects centuries of careful selective breeding. It is renowned for its fine marbling, which creates an extraordinary depth of succulent flavour. Firstlight Wagyu shows all the hallmarks of outstanding genetics, traditional Japanese methods and New Zealand’s natural growing conditions. Strict grading ensures only the very best quality finds its way to the table (this particular Wagyu is the highest possible grade in NZ of 7-9) the combination of open pasture raising and grain finishing allows Firstlight Wagyu to impart a unique flavour that is recognised and appreciated globally and locally by some of the best restaurants including Cibo, Dine and Jervois Steakhouse).

So next time you’re looking to charm the men in your life, look no further than Wagyu. Like the age old saying goes, diamonds are a girls’ best friend, Wagyu beef is a man’s best friend.  Well I think it goes something like that anyway.

Feast on the finest Firstlight Wagyu available from Neat Meat.


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