28 February 2012


the unexpected breakfast

Photography by Anna Kidman

In an effort to move away from our usual breakfast fare, we unearth some unexpected breakfast delights.

Here in Auckland, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to breakfast options, however, we suspect that many of you (admittedly, us too) fall into a routine of settling for old favourites when it comes weekend brunch time. Like your morning coffee ritual, it’s comforting to know you can rely on certain institutions to unfailingly deliver your favourite breakfast fare and be guaranteed to leave you with a stomach suitably content. In an effort to mix things up from the usual poached eggs and spinach combo, we had the urge this week to try something a little different. Denizen set out on a mission to round up some of Auckland’s more unique breakfast menu offerings, and here are four of our best finds.

Breakfast total at Zus & Zo: We initially visited Jervois Rd’s Zus & Zo with a recommendation to sample their traditional Uitsmijter Dutch-style fried egg breakfast. Owner Joost van den Berg instead suggested we try the ‘Breakfast Total’.  The sampler-style plate if you will, is a menu offering that you will be hard pressed to find on offer at any other café in town. The European style breakfast choice features a selection of Bircher muesli, toast with dutch cheese + preserves, avocado, eggs and salmon. The breakfast total reads a little like a morning version of an afternoon tapas platter – a perfect option for those of you who already have trouble selecting from their delicious menu. (228 Jervois Rd, Herne Bay, 09 361 5060)

Sardines on toast at Coffee Supreme Douglas St:  Coffee Supreme (formally Good One café) is renowned for their famous sardines on toast dish. Although not for everyone, we urge you to give it a try – even if not for breakfast, it’s just as delicious at any time of the day. Another European breakfast specialty, a choice of either plain sardines or sardines with hot sauce (served fresh from the tin) are served on toast alongside fresh lemon and horseradish. (42 Douglas Street  Ponsonby 1021 09 360 5040)

Dill potatoes at Landreth and Co:  Landreth and Co, located just next to Superette on Ponsonby Road serves up a great middle ground between unique and reliable breakfast fare with their dill potatoes and poached eggs combo. We highly recommend trading in the usual toast in favour of this delicious fried potato base, topped off with sage butter, garlic yoghurt and watercress. We like taking up our brunch position in Landreth’s sunny courtyard, especially if you want to enjoy a quiet brunch without bumping into all of Ponsonby Road on a weekend day. (272 Ponsonby Road, 09 360 7440)

Pigs trotters on toast at Kohi Café. We’ve written of this unusual, yet mouthwateringly tasty dish before but felt it deserved another notable shout out in this round up. Chef Marc Kinvig says this dish tends to fall in his ‘unmentionable cuisine’ category on the Kohi café menu but we’re determined to change this notion. The trotters are cooked for a lengthy five hours before the meat is removed from the bone. They are then combined with lemon zest, and black truffle salt to make a pork-jelly which once set, is thinly sliced onto a baguette and melted under the grill. The dish is served with parsley and wild rocket, bacon vinaigrette, sliced Pancetta and olive oil – a very tasty brunch indeed. (2/237 Tamaki Dr, 09 528 8335)


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