This boundary-pushing Spanish fare will enlighten the senses

A fresh Spanish-Mexican pop-up has appeared in one of Avondale's favourite locals.

Routines are nice. They get you to work on time, the kids to school, ensure your teeth are brushed and the cat is fed. But they can also be a tad restrictive. A monotonous repetition that we willingly slip into, it is for this reason that when we heard of the new permanent pop-up Etxeberria going on in Avondale, we were more than willing to break from the shackles of our self-imposed litany and give it a go.

Pushing us out of our routine (and the city) the pop-up lies within the Western suburb’s much-loved Woodworks eatery where it runs separately, dishing up Spanish and Mexican-influenced fare. Led by chef Javier Carmona, the refined menu will constantly be changing depending on what’s fresh and good each day, but dishes like green chorizo with smoked tostada, fennel pollen and tomato as well as a rich red cabbage mole with sesame, purple cauliflower and cacao beet are the sort of tastes you can expect. Acting as a chance to test the waters, Carmona’s plan is to turn Etxeberria (or some incarnation of it) into a full-time, standalone gig, but until then, the Woodworks addition will more than suffice.

A delicious excuse to break from the norm and curveball the heck out of your weekly routine, we say you give Etxeberria a go.

Opening hours
Thursday-Saturday evenings from 6pm.


1790 Great North Road


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