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5 October 2010

i scream

The global frozen yoghurt craze is finally hitting our shores.

Over the past five years frozen yoghurt has been elevated to cult like status as the icy-cold sweet treat of choice for health conscious Americans. It’s somewhat surprising then that our own country that’s so heavily devoted to towering cones of icy summer pleasures, has taken some time to embracing this global phenomenon.

Low in fat, low in calories and high on additional nutrients that supposedly benefit your health, New Zealand’s first premium frozen yoghurt, Cone Kings is saying all the right things to woo us into submission.

With the sun finally shining this week it was the perfect opportunity for a spring dalliance with our potentially new summer romance.  Wild Berry and Blood Orange were the soft-serve flavours on offer when we visited. Served up in freshly baked waffle cones, the yoghurt was creamy and delicious without being overpowering in flavour.  If we can get all of that without the threat of compromising our early morning date with doom at the gym, Cone Kings frozen yoghurt could well be a new summer fling.

The frozen yoghurt is also available for purchase in tubs and come in five different flavours: pineapple & coconut, plain caspian sea yogurt, apricot & mango, wild berries and peach & passionfruit.

Single waffle cone serve cost: $4.50

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