anna kidman

21 April 2012

the sweet burger

Nestled down a leafy Grey Lynn side street, a new cakery offers a sugary treat that is sure to satisfy any candied cravings.

It can be rather difficult to resist a sweet treat, especially when it reminds you of an inside out cupcake and tastes like something the heavenly kitchens would produce. Introducing the Whoopie. For those of you who have no clue what this strangely named ‘thing’ is, a Whoopie is traditionally a sweet baked treat made up of two dome shaped cakes sandwiched together with the help of a sweet and creamy icing.

Equal parts cookie, pie, cake and burger, legend has it that the Whoopie was originally conjured up by the State of Maine, where Amish women would bake these treats and put them in the farmers’ lunch pails, the farmers excitedly shouting “whoopie!” come lunch time. No longer a treat reserved just for Amish farmers, Lucy Stuart and Nick Maddren are introducing New Zealanders to these delicious treats, with the opening of their new-albeit tiny cakery in Grey Lynn. Using only the freshest dairy products and natural ingredients, the Whoopies literally melt in the mouth. Red velvet with cream cheese; banana, walnut and cardamom; and black currant, dark chocolate and cinnamon, are just some of the flavours on offer. Each little gem is made with love in Whoopie’s new home in Grey Lynn, which is nestled on a leafy side street off Richmond road.

The cakes are available to buy separately or in boxes of 3-6. Lucy and Nick also make Whoopie Pops, which are basically Whoopie pies on a stick that are dipped in smooth white chocolate and then covered in sprinkles. A great addition to the neighbourhood, these are the perfect lunchtime treats for those lucky enough to work nearby.


2a Hakanoa St (off Richmond Rd)
Grey Lynn
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