26 July 2011


how to: wear a scarf

Story by Claire Sullivan

Make the most of the season’s accessory by donning it in style.

With winter finally taking hold of our extremeties, it’s high time you polished up your appearance and learnt a few tricks that’ll help you hold your own on the cold mean streets of suburbia.

It may seem that there are many options when wrapping oneself in winter warmness, here at the Denizen office we tend to disagree.
One of our pet hates is the sight of a shivering man with a scarf draped hap-hazardly across his shoulders sitting underneath his collar. This technique serves no purpose in shielding said fella from the cold, and dare we suggest also does nothing for his overall sartorial look either.

We’ve done some research, and here, in our opinion are the ONLY ways for a handsome bloke such as yourself to don the essential winter scarf.

The European:
1. Fold the scarf in half and hold it so that you have two loose ends in your right hand and the other in your left
2. Hold behind your head across your shoulders
3. Take the loose ends and feed them through the loop from the other end
4. Pull the loose ends in order to tighten the scarf’s grip around your neck

The Casual Cravat:
1. Place the scarf around your neck, pulling the right side so it is slightly longer
2. Cross the longer length over the shorter length and then fold it up and under your neck
3. Straighten out the top of the knot so that it sits fuller at the top

The Muffler:
1. Hang the scarf around your neck
2. Pull one end so that it is at least 30cm longer than the other (you’ll need a long scarf for this look)
3. Wrap the long end around your neck so that it hangs forward again
4. If the scarf is long enough, tie two ends into a knot

May we even go as far as to suggest that by employing such techniques as these you’re likely to turn a few heads with your slick sophisticated look.

You’ve been warned.

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