Winter escape

Get back to basics with a camping escape that doesn't forfeit comfort.

Feeling the need to get back to basics and disconnect from the stress of modern life? Say hello to Canopy Camping, or rather, Glamping; a getaway that incorporates everything we love (about the idea) of regular camping without having to delve into the depths of the garage to recover that two-man tent, the suspicious smelling chilly bin and the temperamental blow up mattress.

Canopy Camping allows us to get away from it all without having to sacrifice warmth, hot water and decent facilities. With an expanding network of luxury campsites across New Zealand, one can choose from many spectacular locations on offer from Kapiti Island to Banks Peninsula. These secluded spots on private land make for a truly unique experience suitable for friends, couples or families looking for a luxury vacation that won’t be forgotten.

Canopy Camping Escapes

17 Alexander Street

(027) 250 7427


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