23 February 2011


my city: gisborne by jae mills

Story by Claire Sullivan

The fashion designer takes us on an insider’s tour through his hometown.

From the outside fashion designer Jae Mills of the label Commoners_Alike, and buyer for Black Box Boutique seems like he would know more about the urban streets of big cities such as London where he spent time working early in his career, than small town New Zealand. However, this design talent still enjoys indulging in his Gisborne roots. Here he takes us to his favourite hometown haunts.

Barwicks Auction Mart is in my home town of Gisborne. It’s an institution in Gisborne and has been there for years. It sells a wide range of junk really, but there are some great antiques and collectible finds as well as industrial furniture. It’s always changing and you can find everything from industrial lamps to beautiful wooden display cabinets and writing desks. Everything is reasonably priced and if you’re lucky you’ll find some real gems but you have to be quick.
(127 Grey Street, Gisborne)

The Ridge House
is not only my family home, but also one of Gisborne’s finest luxury B&B’s. It has amazing views of Wainui beach and the surrounding area. It’s the perfect spot to hang by the pool, play golf on the homemade golf green or hang with my Dad on the land.
(103B Wheatstone Road, Wainui Heights, www.ridgehousenz.com)

Rain Dogs Books is run by a close friend of mine. They sell reclaimed books, magazines and reference material. They also have a selection of records including re-released Flying Nun LP’s.
(37 Peel Street, Gisborne

Wine Makers Daughters Café is run by two sisters. It’s a great little space that’s the perfect spot to grab coffee from. (88 Grey Street, Gisborne)

 Paulnache Gallery has some of the most amazing local and national artists and their exhibitions showcasing a real mixture of contemporary and traditional works. It’s also the gallery that represents my father Glen Mills whose work is shown below.
(89 Grey Street, Gisborne www.paulnache.com)

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