5 January 2017


the art we’re loving right now

Story by Harriet Johnstone


Like a scene from a Wes Anderson film, ‘The Lonely Houses’ series by Venezuelan artist/scientist Sejkko (real name Manuel Pita) is a playful look at isolation. Transplanting photos of traditional Portuguese houses into solitary scenes, the work explores the connection between being at home and being alone, in a way that the artist feels reminds him of his childhood. A sad thought for such seemingly whimsical images, you can see more of Sjekko’s work on his Instagram page here.

this playlist will see you through summer

Making his debut at last year’s St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, Hawke’s Bay-based DJ Baynk is currently touring the USA, but not without giving...

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have you seen tinder’s 37 new gender options?

By Harriet Johnstone

  Regardless of what your birth certificate states, gender is not necessarily determined on day dot. With the conversation on identity growing and the...

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the latest documentary on our must-watch list

  In a modern telling of a classic tale, this striking documentary explores the story of a young woman carving herself a place in...

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