7 February 2012

read: paris versus new york

We find a book that pays a clever visual homage to two of the world’s greatest cities.

Graphic designer Vahram Muratyan, a self-described ‘lover of Paris, wandering through New York’ has been documenting his travels and the contradictions between the two cities for the past two years on his blog. Garnering more than a million views in a mere few months, the blog quickly became one of the most talked about sites on the Internet and now, as a result, his work and observations have been put together in this new book – Paris versus New York.

In a clever visual match of striking parallel portraits, paired with witty taglines and simple narratives, Paris versus New York illustrates both the contradictions and likenesses of the two cities. Comparisons include everything from the food (a baguette vs. a bagel); the architecture (the Pont Des Arts and the Brooklyn Bridge), the pop culture (Amélie against Carrie Bradshaw) and many other quirky cultural details. Muratyan’s vibrant visual designs celebrate the two great cities in a entirely new way, and brilliantly capture the intricacies of their differences with a unique and entertaining approach. Having been fans of his blog for some time, there is no doubt you will be finding this one on our coffee tables.

Available from Amazon.

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