6 December 2010


listen: the fool by warpaint

Story by Andrew Reinholds

With their effortlessly hypnotic style Warpaint, are set to impress at the Laneways Festival.

When singer-guitarist sings “I know I’m afraid, I know I’m drunk and I’m tired, And the city I walk in feels like it swallows” on Shadows the line comes of creeping with a sinister tension that is the common thread underpinning the entire album.

The Fool has been much anticipated since the release of the Los Angeles based, all female quartet’s debut release, the Exquisite Corpse EP featuring standout track Billie Holiday  scored them a US & Europe support slot with fellow sensual shoe gazers The XX.  Fans of that record will be pleased to know that The Fool pretty much picks up from where they left off, with the impressive vocals
of co-lead singers Emily Kokal and Theresa Wayman creating a spellbinding hypnotic flavour to each track.

Indeed, the entire album creeps up on you like an unknown stalker, a menacing figure silently stalking it’s victim in the half-light of an enveloping dusk. Before you know it, the nine songs are over, and it’s only with repeat listening that many of the subtleties and nuances of each track are detected.  The band’s effortlessly hypnotic style is noticeable on Undertow a deceptively menacing, threatening ode (“what’s the matter, you hurt yourself, open your eyes and there was someone else”) that slowly seeps into your consciousness on a shroud of mist-laden guitars and super smooth bass and ethereal vocals.

The band sound fantastic, and the rhythm section especially help keep the songs constantly moving, yet at the same time retaining their sharp, sinister edge.  It’s an incredibly mature sound, perhaps to be expected given Warpaint formed back in 2004.  They’ve definitely been busy perfecting their sound.

Even better news is that they will be in Auckland for the Laneways Festival on January 31st.  Whisper it very quietly, they just might steal the entire show – you’ve been warned.

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