2 August 2011


listen: mirror mirror

Story by Andrew Reinholds

The latest installment from Sons & Daughters offers up a healthy dose of melodic sleaze and darkness.

Mirror Mirror is Sons & Daughters fourth album, but first in three years, when they made a real concerted effort to hit the mainstream, with producer Bernard Butler of Suede fame at the helm. It didn’t work (if you are interested to investigate further check out This Gift), and the band has now turned to local Glasgow club legend JD Twitch (aka Keith McIvor) from Optimo Music to help them out.

The result is a record that singer Adele Bethel has described Mirror Mirror as “sexy evil” – it is definitely an album that comes out to play at night.  With its cavernous drums, doom laden synths and spiky guitars, it takes the influences obvious to all – from Bauhaus, The Birthday Party Gang of Four, Joy Division, Siouxsie – and wraps them up in a deliciously vile Glaswegian package of nastiness.

One need look no further than Axed Actor – the infamous tale of American 1950s starlet Elisabeth Short aka the Black Dahlia who was murdered in horrific fashion.  “The last ever picture show, cut into pieces, switchblade smile across your face” broods Bethel, giving a peculiarly Northern twist to an American nightmare.

Elsewhere, the excellent Rose Red rides in on a bass hook almost resembling surf rockabilly Cramps style and is then driven further into the darkness before the frenzied guitars return to slice the track into pieces.

It’s sleazy listening at its finest.  Not everyone’s cup of tea, but deep down, I am thinking maybe there is a little darkness in all of us.  This might well be the record that lets us all live a little more vicariously in the relative safety of our living rooms. Watch out.

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