31 January 2012

listen: looping state of mind

Despite all of its brooding atmosphere, The Field’s latest album is still essentially a dance album

The Field is Swedish producer Axel Willner, and the aptly titled Looping State of Mind is his third album on the most excellent and uber influential German label Kompakt. The perfect soundtrack for after the after party, each of the album’s seven tracks is no shorter than eight minutes in duration, as Willner layers deep and lush synths over looping bass melodies to create huge walls of sound that you simply get swept away in.

While each track is built upon a simple looping structure, each still progresses and evolves as Willner weaves his magic to build each to a resounding climax.

The album is at times hauntingly sinister, yet also blissfully peaceful. These different moods and emotions are critical and keep the album from morphing into itself and becoming one indistinguishable track.

It’s Up There is a great reminder that essentially Looping State of Mind despite all its brooding atmosphere is still essentially a dance album – the track simply insists you get up off your arse and get amongst it. Wonderful.

If you like the sound of this, you should definitely explore fellow label mate Walls along with German producer Ulrich Schnauss, who also look to combine a deeper smoother house sound to work with more standard techno beats.  

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