22 January 2012

listen: everybody get close

Andrew Reinholds discovers a great introduction into the work and talent of groove merchant Juan Maclean

Juan Maclean, aka John Maclean, has come a long way since he was guitarist for hard-core band Six Finger Satellite. A number of well received 12” releases culminated in 2009’s excellent The Future Will Come long player, which finally established him as a serious groove merchant and resulted in a number of high profile remixes ranging from Stevie Nicks to Yoko Ono.

Recording on the DFA label run by LCD Soundsystem front man James Murphy (who by chance was soundman for Six Finger Satellite) Maclean deepens the relationship by working closely with LCD’s Nancy Whang  who contributes vocals on the epic ten minute extension of “Feel So Good”.

Despite being his first release since The Future Will Come (that’s if you exclude his 2010 contribution to the long running DJ Kicks series), Everybody Gets Close is a collection of rarities and remixes that demonstrates Maclean’s an impressively expansive arrange of electronic styles.

The hypnotic “Feel So Good” will please many as a classic get-on-to-the-dancefloor-shape cutter, but there will be something for everyone here as Maclean swings wildly from heavy ambient dub (“Deviant Device”), dark industrial grind (“X2”) and classic house (“Talk About Me)”.

Also included are two separate remixes of “Human Disaster” from Holmes Price and Jee Day, while Aussies Cold Cut also contribute a re-take of “Happy House” that is probably the weakest track on an otherwise excellent collection.

The rumours are that Maclean and Whang are a long way down the path for the new album.  For now though, Everybody Get Close is a timely reminder of Maclean’s undoubted skills and a fantastic introduction for anyone new to his work.

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