14 December 2010


listen: best of the beats 2010

Story by Andrew Reinholds

Andrew Reinholds gives us a retrospective of his music choices of the year.

Our very own music man gives us the low down on his picks of the artists that have been charming his ear this year.

Drive By Truckers: The Big To Do

Proudly an old fashioned rock and roll album, you can literally smell the whiskey as we are taken on a journey down the seedy back streets of America’s south.  Tales of madness, murder and mayhem reign.  It’s a rollicking ride.
Street Chant: Means

The local album of the year, hands down.  Young, fast gun-slingers, who have “it” in spades.  Hand picked to support the Dead Weather, they continue to do the business live.  Go see them now!

Arcade Fire: The Suburbs

It’s hard to imagine a bigger band in music at the moment than Arcade Fire.  And in The Suburbs they have delivered us their masterpiece.  Grandiose, ambitious and compelling it will surely be on most if not all retrospectives of 2010.

The Besnard Lakes: The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night

Has the prestigious distinction of being the very first album reviewed for The Denizen.  Shrouded in a cloak of mystery and intrigue, a spy tale for the ages.  Imagine the Beach Boys jamming with My Bloody Valentine.  Epic.

The Fall: Your Future Our Clutter

Like a grand single malt whiskey, The Fall seem to be getting better with age.  YFOC sees Mark E Smith and band at their belligerent best.  Beguiling and cryptic as usual, while at times also wildly humorous.

Band of Horses: Infinite Arms

Grammy nominated, Infinite Arms continues the Band of Horses journey towards mass mainstream adulation.  A super smooth sound, with gorgeous vocal and guitar harmonies, the addition of keyboards into the mix added a lush texture that makes the band’s sound so radio friendly.

Sleigh Bells: Treats.

Believe the hype.  After months of intense speculation and anticipation Brooklyn duo Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller delivered one of the most exciting and refreshing albums of 2010. Fusing pop, dance, techno, and rock, Sleigh Bells could well be the great white hope for 2011 and beyond.

LCD Soundsystem: This Is Happening

If the rumors are true, and this is indeed LCD Soundsystem’s swan song, then James Murphy will be exiting stage left on an artistic high.  An intensely personal record, Murphy wears his heart (and influences – Murphy’s Bowie fixation in particular are obvious for all to see) on his sleeve, lamenting the state of the music industry and the challenges of coping with fame and fortune.

Deerhunter: Halcyon Digest

Halcyon Digest saw Deerhunter finally deliver the record they have been promising for so many years now.  This new found focus has resulted in a superb collection of tracks that moved the band’s sound from inconsistent eccentrics to a band looking, feeling and sounding very comfortable with its new found maturity.

Best Coast: Crazy For Me

Carefree summer sounds that demonstrate a healthy love for 60s inspired pop.  Bethany Consentino sings of boys, about boys, for boys.  Her other obsession is for Los Angeles and California, which are significant influences on this sun drenched record.

Beach House: Teen Dream

Teen Dream is the third release from this Baltimore based dream pop duo.  A disarmingly honest portrait of youth and young love, Teen Dream continues the band’s fragile and delicate approach to music making.

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