31 January 2014


february 2014 film round up

Story by Francesca Rudkin

Tune into Rialto Channel this month to view documentaries that are bound to appeal to any avid globetrotter.

This month, Rialto Documentary brings cities to life with a fabulous collection of documentaries looking at how people live their lives in some of the most famous cities in the world. Filmmaker Julien Temple explores what makes London tick, Richard Hankin takes us through the long, difficult task of rebuilding on New York’s Ground Zero, and Ron Fricke takes us around the world, stunning us with beautiful visuals that capture the diversity of our world and its people.

Travel the world from your living room this February with the following three thought-provoking and beautifully crafted documentaries:

London, The Modern Babylon
Starring: Michael Gambon, Malcolm McLaren, Bill Nighy & David Bowie
Directed by: Julien Temple
Premiering: Thursday 6th February, 8.30pm

Filmmaker and music-video director Julien Temple (Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten) takes us on an epic time-travelling voyage to the heart of his hometown: London. Temple describes London as a vortex or whirlpool, and the centre of human life today. He proves it by going back to the film archives and taking us through the history and culture of this fascinating city. All sorts of Londoners share their experiences over the last hundred years or so (one of the most charming participants is 106 years old). It makes for a fascinating glimpse into how life in London has, and in some cases hasn’t, changed.

16 Acres
Starring: Michael Bloomberg, George Pataki & Chris Ward
Directed by: Richard Hankin
Premiering: Thursday 20th February, 8.30pm

The loss of the World Trade Centre Twin Towers has been immense, both on New York’s skyline and New Yorkers themselves. New York is defined by its architecture, and since the tragic events of 9/11 the question of what will happen to Ground Zero has consumed the city. This documentary looks at the long process of building what was originally called the Freedom Tower, now called the One World Trade Centre, and all the political manipulations, bickering and grandstanding of the last 13 years. Featuring interviews with all the major players – from New York’s mayors, governors, property developers and the controlling Port Authority – it’s a fascinating story of probably the most valuable 16 acres in the world and the difficulty of building a skyscraper that must at once be a dignified memorial for the victims of 9/11, a symbol of peace and resilience, and a money-making commercial property.

Directed by: Ron Fricke
Premiering: Thursday 27th February, 8.30pm

Stunning visuals set to emotive musical compositions make up this documentary, which travels the world exploring themes of birth, death and rebirth. There’s no narration or talking heads – just incredible images, ranging from natural wonders to
urban ghettos and places of worship to sites of disaster. Shot by the filmmakers behind Baraka over four years and across 26 countries, Samsara is an incredible snapshot of humanity in the 21st century and an extraordinarily beautiful film.

For more information on all the films screening on Rialto Channel 39, The Storyteller, keep an eye on my blog at www.rialtochannel.co.nz.

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