20 March 2012


exhibition: bernar venet

Photography by Gow Langsford Gallery

The french sculptors’ momental steel creations are showcased in Gow Langsford’s latest exhibition.

French born sculptor Bernar Venet is internationally renowned for his large-scale steel sculptures. Basing himself between Europe and New York since 1967, Venet has shown his work extensively across major museums worldwide for over forty years, including a notable recent commission for the palace of Versailles, which saw a series of seven sculptures located amongst the giant French garden and at the entrance of the château. It is thus with much anticipation that the acclaimed artist is now gracing our shores with an exhibition at the Gow Langsford gallery which we urge you to pay a visit too.

Venet’s minimalist sculptures are impressive to say the least. Constructed of iron and torch cut steel, the monumental curvature pieces define themselves in a rather scientific manner, stemming from the artist’s investigations into science and mathematics, and represent an attempt to liberate art from aesthetic rules.

The GRIB works, showcased within the Gow Langsford gallery walls, continue this exploration between the mathematical and the gestural.  The giant wall-mounted works appear almost like lively sketches, and confront the viewer with their sense of sheer matter – the spontaneity of the drawings counteracted by their monumental physicality.

Alongside the exhibition of his wall mounted and smaller scale sculptural pieces within the gallery, three of Venet’s impressive large-scale works are to be installed in public spaces around Auckland for the duration of the exhibition. The sculptures were all unloaded at Auckland ports on Friday and will be installed in the gallery and around town next week.

Denizen readers are invited to attend the preview evening at Gow Langsford Gallery this Thursday, where Bernar Venet himself will be in attendance.

The exhibition runs from 23 March to 14 April 2012.

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