15 August 2011

save the bees

We’re all abuzz over Chaumet’s new bee-inspired jewellery collection at Hartfield Jewellers.

Einstein once famously said, “if bees were to disappear from the surface of the earth, Man would only have a few more years to live.” Well in this powerful partnership of craftsmanship and cause, Parisian jeweller Chaumet is pledging its allegiance to the protection of bees through its ‘Save the Bees’ campaign collections.

From charming single bees with yellow sapphire or amethyst bodies to love-struck bees nestled in between clusters of enticing flowers and diamond dewdrops, Chaumet has transformed the bee into an emblem of love in its naturalistic ‘Attrape-moi…si tu m’aimes’ (which translates to Catch me if you love me), Lovely Bee and Bee my Love collections. Even the bee watches are slender and delicate like their namesake, adorned with diamonds, orange, yellow or pink sapphires and red spinels.

If that wasn’t already sweet enough, each item purchased from the collections helps contribute to raise awareness and support for the Terre d’Abeilles Association’s ‘Save The Bees’ campaign, which promotes the protection of bees.

Diamonds for a good cause? Well that certainly adds some extra sparkle.



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