7 March 2012

minimalux ballpoint pen

Put pen to paper with this luxurious take on the humble ballpoint pen.

London-based design house Minimalux are renowned for their simplistic aesthetic. Their striking designs embody a sense of refined luxury – taking an extravagant approach to everyday necessities. Much like this ballpoint pen that has just landed at Simon James Concept Store. Encased in a single sleeve of solid brass, Minimalux have taken the common Biro pen to new heights. The elegant pen has been designed ergonomically, with careful consideration to weight and balance, resulting in a smooth and fluid pen line delivered with very little applied pressure.

When not in use, your prized pen will stand stable and upright – the perfect accompaniment to our minimal desk aesthetic and no doubt set to make  note taking an infinitely more pleasurable task.

Simon James concept store at The Department Store

10 Northcroft Street

(09) 489 6955

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