28 February 2012

the connoisseur’s case

We find the ultimate luxury whisky accessory for the discerning bon vivant.

Stuck for what to buy for the distinguished gentleman in your life? We may have just the ticket. Inspired by the exclusive country pursuits of British shooting parties, this Ardbeg Double Barrel case adds an element of sport to the tasting rituals of fine whisky. The bespoke leather gun case comes complete with a matching pair of exceptionally rare bottles of 1974 Ardbeg whisky – arguably one of the finest single malts available in the world -with each bottle in the set coming from a separate barrel of cask strength malt.

The weighty hand-stitched case also comes equipped with all the essentials to ensure your whisky tasting experience is a memorable one. A set of eight sterling silver drinking cups, and, in typical Ardbeg style, a ‘Sampling Register’  with a specially crafted OMAS pen (instead of a traditional Shooting Register). There is also a hand-stitched leather book documenting the luxury country sport and the production of Ardbeg itself.

With just 250 made worldwide, just one has made its way down to our fine shores as of last week. While this may not be an essential piece for the whiskey lover or collector, it most certainly is a desirable one. Few men will argue the satisfaction of a dram of luxury whisky at the end of a successful shoot, and when the drop is Ardbeg, we suspect there will be no contention.

Price: $20,000

Available from Whisky Galore.

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